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A moment of ranting concerning champion builds.

I was spectating a ranked game with Jayce top and it was a little odd how he played. His build was, in my opinion, strange. He built Trinity Force, Bloodthirster and Merc Treads. My build is completely different in comparison to some of these Jayce builds I come across now a days. If you are going to play as an OP champ, learn the gameplay mechanics for them please! I know my bro gets bashed on by others with his Ahri and Diana build which to them seems unorthodox yet works miraculously well! I just recently began playing as Diana in order to have another champion under my belt. My bro ended up getting Jayce under his roster in case I needed him locked in for a trade in queue which is why I ended up getting Diana for my bro. Back to builds though, if you see that someone plays a champ and is boss with them, please don’t just automatically assume that by owning said champ you become a pro player over night. Believe me I learned that the hard way, you need to learn the individual champs and their styles as well.

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