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Welcome to Bambino’s Corner where we discuss various topics ranging from reviews, video series, live streams and more! BC started back in 2008 as a basic idea for a community, merely after I started playing Halo 3 on Xbox 360 as Warrior Bambino. Originally I merely played a ton of video games and disregarded the idea for some time up until I lived back in Macon, Georgia for a few years. Instead of turning BC into a community I decided to turn it into a personal profile or branding for myself and turned the community idea into what is now Union Newbs.

* ~ The Beginning ~ *

In other news I’m an avid computer user which all began at the age of 8 years old when my parents brought home our very first computer running Windows 95 on a Gateway computer, I think in regards to the type of PC it was. As the years progressed I got into middle school which is where I learned HTML & CSS from, you’ll never guess it, Neopets the online game. I had to say that game is what slowly sparked my desire to get involved with computer programming especially within the one year of college I have under my belt. That didn’t drive me ultimately though. I’d have to say it was the beauty of a Starcraft map called Raccoon City by panzer_kavalier that really got me into wanting to learn programming mostly for video games. Yes I wanted to design and develop games but had no clue how insanely hard it was going to be to learn all aspects of the game industry and how the games are brought to life. During my time as a Nursing Assistant I taught myself some programming languages beyond basic HTML & CSS. I taught myself the following languages:

  • C/C++
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Dark Basic (Scripting Language for a Game Engine by The Game Creators)

* ~ My Passion ~ *

My driving reason behind my deep desire of furthering my programming skills and sharing such knowledge occurred when I lived in Jacksonville, FL for some time after I graduated High School in 2008 and began working full time all while attending college. I was in my first semester of programming, Introduction to Programming to be exact, when I came home one day to find my cousin frustrated while on the phone with his companies IT department. Apparently they had been attempting to resolve an issue involving a virus located within the system files that wouldn’t allow itself to be removed via user right-click and delete method or anti-virus and spyware removal tools. After walking in and asking him what its behaviors were and its exact location I told him to provide me with a little bit of time in order to conduct some research. I wrote a Python script consisting of one line while verifying that the code was correct for syntactical purposes online. The script involved utilizing operating system removal commands in order to eliminate said threat from his system. The script worked as intended which resolved his issue concerning his workstation. The very next day he attempted to provide me with employment within his IT department but due to the simple fact that I didn’t have a degree they couldn’t hire me. That day made me realize that you don’t need a 4 year degree in order to be passionate or knowledgeable at what you do. You just need enough heart in order to get where you want to be which is why I began Bambino’s Corner with the intentions of providing my services to anyone willing to employ them along with spread any and all knowledge that will benefit others in their venture towards success.