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Ambition – Why it matters to have it in your life!

I was once told by my best friend that he wishes he had the one main character trait that I exert on a daily basis. You can probably guess based off the title of this article what that trait was. Yes, ambition. I never understood why he had told me that though and why he wished he had that trait which I shine so strongly in my everyday life. I didn’t understand until some time afterwards.

Ever since I was a child I was told to have dreams and push myself towards them. To never stop believing in myself or my potential. Some call that ambition, others aspiration or even desire. Either way you dress it up it’s always a good characteristic to have. Ambition is what drives one to do more in their life. It helps those individuals to not become comfortable or satisfied with their current living conditions.

Ambition is what drives those capable of success to succeed. The best example is when I was starting Bambino’s Corner. I had the idea for about 2 years pondering where to start or how to go about starting it. One day I just decided to launch it without a clue as to how it was going to develop or what to do for it. I knew if I didn’t launch it at that time I probably would have never done it. I struggled for some time to come up with a direction for BC but over the course of 2 more years I finally found it. I started out here and there until I started really getting on the ball with it. Believe me it isn’t easy doing a hundred different things when you have a full time employment, school, a family, etc. That is why ambition helps us push ourselves to manage ourselves and make our dreams happen.

Presently I am now curating content at least twice a week for BC as you all have seen. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my article posting days currently. I am working on making Wednesdays and Fridays my video or multimedia posting days and then Saturdays my streaming days. This is taking some time and coordination but I believe I can make it happen. The only place to go is up right? No matter how big or small you start out the main thing is to do just that, start! Sometimes our biggest risks are the greatest of rewards.

Take that ambition that drives you mad and keeps you from sleeping at night and make things happen!

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