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BC Update – End of April Update

Did you think we forgot about you guys? Hell no! We are here to make sure you enjoy those amazing moments we had in the open world and GvG matches. Please leave a comment below and remember to like, share and subscribe for more amazing videos!

In this months update we will be discussing recently released video content, upcoming content and plans for the 2nd quarter of the year. Listed below are the upcoming content releases for this coming month of May.

  • Chevy Chevelle Run Test
  • More Albion Online Open World PvP and GvG Gameplay
  • 7 Days to Die Gameplay (This one I’m really looking forward to and may release some clips in May at some point)
  • In-Depth Game Tutorials (For various games, primarily Albion Online)\

I will continue to update monthly if not weekly in regards to video releases and content deployments. Also please keep an eye out for the upcoming downloads page I have been patiently working on as of this past week.

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