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New YouTube Channel Trailer!

New YouTube Channel Trailer

Finally setup the channel trailer on youtube and it even has an intro! It may not be the best but it’s a step in the right direction if anything. I am probably going to make a second trailer video to replace this current one but for now this will have to do. Check it out by clicking here. For any suggestions or feedback please comment below or message me directly. Please like and share the new youtube trailer!

What’s after the new youtube channel trailer?

The next release will involve setting up a streaming schedule for the week. I may end up creating a page for the schedule in order to update it as needed. I will also include a list of games that I own and play either occasionally or have planned to play, stream and/or upload to YouTube for all to view. I am also working out the details for a new video series just like the Starcraft II Zombie City video series I completed previously which has been a big hit. Luckily I just got a new MacBook Pro which will allow me to be mobile in my operations as well as design and programming work. Granted it’s a new experience in comparison to utilizing a Windows based operating system but I’m figuring it all out on my own, slowly at best. I intend on also improving my video editing capabilities as it will benefit my future works and hopefully improve the quality of my videos.

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