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Revamping Twitch & YouTube Channels

I understand it has been quite some time since I really worked on the 2 aforementioned channels but I’d like to get them up to speed at this present time. I’ll be streaming a lot of content in regards to video games moving forward. Don’t worry though, if you miss a live stream I’ll have them uploaded to the YouTube channel for further exposure. Looking for a specific video for a game that is driving you nuts? Let me know and I’ll work towards giving you that video! I’ve revamped the banners underneath the video player on Twitch in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing along with along with allowing others to understand what each link/image is. I need to work on some artistic banner items and logos to implement into my streams, videos and channels at some point. I may need some help on that portion though because my Photoshop skills are sub par currently. As for the YouTube channel I’ve been steadily organizing videos into specific playlists for my sanity as well as others. If there is a better way of structuring both mediums please don’t hesitate to inform me because it will help out greatly. Well until next time my dudes & dudettes, peace out!

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