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Ambition – Why it matters to have it in your life!

I was once told by my best friend that he wishes he had the one main character trait that I exert on a daily basis. You can probably guess based off the title of this article what that trait was. […]


Improving Firefox via about:config changes!

Since I’ve been using Firefox more as of recently I decided I needed to tweak some performance settings and preferences. The following lifehacker link should assist my fellow Firefox users in improving their experience. http://lifehacker.com/the-best-about-config-tweaks-that-make-firefox-better-1442137111# I will continue to post […]


Successful Entrepreneur

I remember reading an article some time ago mentioning how to become a successful entrepreneur. It hit on 5 key notes regarding ones success. They were as follows: Take risks Make your own luck Be persistent Never stop learning Give […]