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Top 3 Favorite Overwatch Characters (Thus Far)

Hello everyone and welcome back once again for another marvelous article! Today I will be discussing my top 3 favorite characters right now in Overwatch. They are best in certain situations but are my favorite top picks for those situations.

  1. Mercy
    Coming in as my first favorite character is Mercy the angel of heals and damage buffs. I started player her out of a recommendation from a guild mate of mine. Ever since then I have played her in the event that we do not have a healer on the team, like at all. She has a fairly decent kit but nothing for mobility. The only movement enhancing ability she has is her “Shift Key” ability where she can fly towards allies. It’s useless when no one is around though *sad face*
  2. Winston
    This big guy recently became one of my favorites due to his tank amounts of life, high level of maneuverability and sickening amounts of damage when close enough. He is my all time favorite for offensive maneuvers or when you are on the attack. Not even Genji can stop him, because Genji is Raiden from Mortal Kombat and can’t deflect electricity or absorb it! *insert evil mad scientist laughter here* I have played against many a Genji and they always run in fear of the smack down I lay on them. Seriously I started playing him one game and dropped 21 kills >.> I’ve never seen those numbers before!
  3. Junkrat
    Junkrat just recently became one of my favorite characters to play due to his AoE, bounce off whatever, explosive damage grenades. He is very useful in defense actions primarily regarding the transportation of the cargo by attackers. I can see him being useful in offensive combat as well when you are an attacker. I will have to try him out as he would come in handy for destroying turrets from a distance. His traps are also beneficial for covering your back side if someone could possible blind side you. Still have some playing around with him to get good with his kit though.

If anyone has suggestions for my top 3 favorite characters in Overwatch please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below. I will of course update this list as time progresses and I get better. I hope future characters are as interesting and fun as these are as well. I hope you all enjoyed this article and as always check back here at BC for more interesting articles! Until then!

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