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[Suggestion] Custom In-Game Item Build Pages


Everyone has wondered about it and been curious as to what possessed Riot Games to implement such a feature for the community. Well my friends breathe a sigh of relief because the suggestion came from a fellow League of Legends player, it was me. Now I’m sure most of you who read this entry will scoff at the idea that I was the one that suggested the feature to the development team and they actually decided to provide such a feature to the fine community of players out there. Well to answer your doubts I have linked the forum post that I originally made over a year ago suggesting said feature which ended up being implemented exactly a year later exactly as I described it to be in detail.

The purpose of having the custom item build pages was mostly to provide a more fluid form of accessing you champion specific builds pertaining to items in game. Having custom builds allows one to easily access the items they intend on building on the fly during game play which in turns speeds up the process while shortening time spent in the shop area itself. I did notice though that Riot decided to replace what would have been a future “Achievements” tab into the “Item Sets” tab instead. My reasoning for being so determined on assuring that such a feature was implemented is solely from my love for the game itself. I have been playing video games since I was approximately 2~3 years of age and have since worked on modifications for games, various ideas or concepts for additional features among various other so called hobbies pertaining to games.

Information Link: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2127325&highlight=item+build
Photo Courtesy of: http://whynotleagueofdraven.com/post/51151288852/customizable-in-clien-item-set-revealed

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