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A Realm Reborn Final Fantasy XIV

I will be giving A Realm Reborn Final Fantasy XIV a go this morning ladies and gentlemen! I will be broadcasting live from the minute I launch the game for the first time while reviewing if it is worth making the jump to. I personally am coming from playing Final Fantasy XI Online and have been quite timid about moving to this new MMORPG, but a friend from FFXI has assured me it is all worth the move towards. I had to travel to a Gamestop 30 minutes away from home just to pick up a copy due to their rarity now a days considering Square Enix is attempting to handle server congestion. Guess they weren’t anticipating it to be a huge hit, next time they will learn from their assumptions. You can follow my stream via the “Live” Broadcast page here on my site or my Twitch.tv channel via www.twitch.tv/rygolgosan. For any questions just message me via the twitch channel chat or comment on here during my broadcast. I will do my very best to answer everyone’s questions accordingly. Or if you all would prefer to chat with me through Teamspeak, just hit me up on our server graciously provided by Union Newbs! Here is the server address as always, dal.fragnet.net:10071. I will begin the stream at approximately 11am~11:30am EST.

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