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Albion Online Final Beta Test Server Experience

Welcome everyone to a very exciting BC posting today! With the test server going life for any and all legendary founders pack players I have been checking out the new world. I have to say the change in scenery is a breath of fresh air for the game itself. The new mobs have their own unique fighting styles and abilities. Resources are a little confusing to find though but luckily the aesthetic look of them have not changed since the most recent beta. Some mobs also become resource plots when killed such as the swamp faeries that roam those areas.

The destiny board has definitely received a change, for better or worse, and does offer some advantages to various players. The first noticeable change is the fact that you can automatically unlock all 3 items or weapons right at tier 4. It also shows and tiers up the artifact weapons/gear alongside the standard sets. Gatherers also have a lot more love in the destiny board as they have added individual nodes for each tier of gathering tools. Within each node of the specific tool you are using you can substantially increase the yield of said tool while using it. The crafting nodes do show changes that are beneficial to those that primarily craft as well.

I don’t have a lot of details as there are bugs a plenty in the test server and not a large player base to test out things. Plus I, among other players, don’t want to invest too must time into the test server when the Final Beta is just around the corner and our characters won’t transfer over either way. I’ll be sure to let you guys know of any changes that come up or that I hear of up until Final Beta. Until everyone!

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