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Bambino, where have you been?

Bambino. Oh where oh where have you been Bambino? TLDR Explanation This is the question everyone may be wondering since my most reason podcast episode from previous months. Well it’s complicated. I, Bambino, wasn’t able to renew hosting for the […]


How to fix the Select-Core plugin title error!

Select-Core Plugin Hello fellow readers and good day to all who use the select-core plugin! The topic for today, as you can guess, relates to a potential issue with the select-core plugin. I began using the plugin for a project […]


Where have I been? Setting goals for success!

Good evening all! Let me guide you on my road towards success! Success Bound I know I haven’t been posting as I should be but it’s not for nothing I guarantee you! I was previously completing my wonderful Udacity Full […]


The Discord Server is finally up and running!

Discord server is now, finally, up and running! For all of you who follow me via any medium and you play games be sure to join and check out the discord server. If you guys recall I used to have […]