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The Discord Server is finally up and running!

Discord server is now, finally, up and running!

For all of you who follow me via any medium and you play games be sure to join and check out the discord server. If you guys recall I used to have a TeamSpeak 3 server up and running but of course that costs. Luckily it is free to use and to run! To join just copy/paste the following link into Discord after selecting “Join Server”. You can even join it via the widget to the right of the homepage!

Join Server

You can invite friends to the server as you please as well. We tend to have events for the community from time to time. Sometimes we do League of Legends 1v1 tournament with RP as prizes. Those will be listed under the events chat on the server as well. Also if you see any text or voice channel that does not exist for a game please let me know. I can always add them for the community to utilize.

Remember to check back from time to time for more community content from yours truly! Catch you later space cowboys!

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