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August 2018 Update

BC Update – August 2018 Edition

BC Update Intro

Hello everyone and welcome back to another BC Update here at Bambino’s Corner! I hope I haven’t kept you all in the dark for too long, if I have I apologize in advance. For those who are subscribed to my YouTube channel, I want to say thank you! You’ve seen my recent video content in place of lacking written content. For everyone else again I apologize for the lack of content on the site.

As many by now know, I have experienced depression since the age of 12. Now that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of making the content needed but it’s harder to find that spark to do so in some instances. Believe me it isn’t my goal to make a website and have it laid to waste in the void of nothingness.

I have been jumping between content though which is good. Content is content right? Now that I’ve gotten in the mood to do more, finally, I’m going to make monthly updates regarding anything BC, etc. on here alongside somewhat consistent posts.

Content Schedule

Thus far the schedule for video content via YouTube has been uploading on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Last week I went on vacation so I didn’t have time to edit or upload anything as of yet. I do have a ton of Albion Online video content that needs to be posted luckily. I’m also currently working on implementing an RSS feed and podcast specific page. I’ve realized how blah a podcast video is with unrelated content playing in the clip.

Concepts & Ideas

I have been making quite the additions to my Trello board in terms of ideas both for the site and content. I plan on implementing some more features into the site for users who enjoy the same hobbies as I do. There are also plans to implement a monthly giveaway for users that have joined the Discord community. If you haven’t joined yet make sure to download Discord here and then add our server with this invite link, https://discord.gg/R9V48gh. If you are using the browser based application of Discord then simply click on the link. Otherwise please copy the link and paste it in the field needed in the desktop application for adding a server.

The giveaways although small to start with will provide users with a means of monthly enjoyment on the server. It will also showcase the level of dedication to boosting the community in terms of interactions but quality as well. In terms of other ideas a game project has been in the works in terms of learning how Unity functions. After learning how to implement various game mechanics and features there will be bigger projects undertaken. I love older games such as those from the Sega Dreamcast and Sony Playstation 2. That means a lot of features in potential game projects will draw inspiration from those classics. Stay tuned though as more knowledge is gained we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop.

Closing Thoughts

With a supply of coffee, water and the right amounts of sleep I have been able to keep focus as of lately. Thanks to this boom of desire and passion I have been working hard on this months content. Maybe not as hard as I’d like or a awesome as I hope it to look but still quality content! Remember if you guys have any questions or concerns definitely let me know via a Discord direct message. You can even reach out to me via the Contact page here on Bambino’s Corner.

Until then everyone. Love, peace & chicken grease!

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