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Destiny has arrived!

Yes it’s true the most acclaimed game of the year, Destiny, has finally hit store shelves and online status! Here at BC we are extremely excited about this new hit title especially after picking up our own pre-order of the glacial white Playstation 4 with a copy of Destiny. The bundle also included 30 days free Playstation Plus subscription and the Vanguard in-game content access for those who preordered. We picked up our pre-order at Best Buy mostly due to a shorter line and not so high of a deposit for the pre-order initially. Best Buy only required $25 versus Gamestops $100 deposit toward the bundle which in our opinion is ridiculous. Soon after retrieving the bundle we returned to the office in order to have the traditional unboxing ceremony. After aforementioned ceremony we setup the Vizio 40″ smart television with the ps4 displaying at 1080p of pure awesomeness! After a 15 gigabyte download, which we assume is was an update for the game, we booted up the game and enjoyed the opening cinematic of possibly one of the greatest video games ever to be released to date. It has been over a week since the midnight release and we have yet to completely do everything within the game. It is truly designed for the end game which involves extreme challenges along with mystery as Bungie intended. We will not be releasing a full drawn out review because there is still so much more to learn and explore within Destiny. In the mean time we will be releasing Twitch live broadcasts of the game and just in case you miss them we will also upload them to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more videos, details and content!

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