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Destiny Mellonious The Chap Show

Destiny’s Mellonious and the “Chap Show”

Hello everyone and welcome again to a marvelous article here at BC! In today’s, I keep wanting to say episode, article I will be talking about my buddy that you may all know as “Chap”. Now as you all know he has become a legend among players in game in the PS4 Destiny community. I have always called him the “Chaperone of Death” and now everyone calls him Chap all of a sudden. I will be speaking of his humble beginnings and his pre-chap days here folks.

It all started on a fateful month of August prior to the Destiny game release in 2014. We became co-workers at our current employment and learned of each others enjoyment of video games. Sir Mellonious and myself both started out as so-called “Pistol Brothers”. Wielding and winning games with pistols that were accurate and heavy in damage. That was until the nerfed those weapons to our dismay. Soon after we started searching for different weapons to use in Crucible but of course there were always the super powerful broken weapons that everyone used. One primarily being a pistol at the time, Thorn.

Over the course of various expansions and updates Mellonious finally came across an weapon of choice. One that would change the face of his playstyle forever and make his enemies fear him. He unlocked the Chaperone out of the desire to own it since “The Taken King” live action trailer. That’s when he began the madness. He started to mold his playstyle around it, crafted his skills into a pinpoint assassin, became a God with the Chaperone. He even began wearing gear and shaders that made him literally stand out so that his enemies would know and remember who he was when they were killed with a head shot by this pistol grip shotgun.

At this present time he passes his joyous moments fighting in Crucible and the monthly Iron Banner until the latest content “The Rise of Iron” releases. He is open to any and all challengers and accepts any individuals to his fireteam as well as his stream channel. His social media details are as follows.

If you have any questions about what else he plays or enjoys in his spare time be sure to hit him up on the social media above. Thank you for enjoying this article regarding the Chaperone of Death! Until next time Guardians!

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