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Eve Online Empyrean Age by Tony Gonzales

Eve Online Book Review

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Today’s book review is in full swing! Want to find out if this novel is worth the read? Then check out our critic of the novel below.

The acclaimed MMORPG has a book, yes indeed! The book was definitely a good read, but it took me quite a bit to really get into it. The beginning portion was just blah for me. Once it got closer to the middle of the book was started getting interesting. I had been attempting to finish the book for many years now, blame life on this one. I finally got it read and my overall rating for it is an 4.5 out of 5. This is mostly due to the beginning not intriguing me but it could be different for others.

The book does create a believable fantasy realm for science fiction and that correlates to the EVE Online universe. I have played the game before and I can vouch for consistency for the book. Also a good tip for reading 300 pages in a small amount of time? Read on lunch breaks or before bed time. You will be amazed how fast you go through a book reading 1-2 hours a day.

Can’t really provide as much enthusiasm for this novel as I did for “Ready Player One” unfortunately guys. This was definitely a good read but wasn’t something that had me hooked until literally almost half way through the book itself. If you enjoy Science Fiction and a lot of story, which I enjoy both, then this is a book you have to at least read once and enjoy! Until next time everyone!

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