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Flat Runes vs Per Level Runes. Which setup is better?

Hello everyone and welcome back to BC! While playing League of Legends, as usual, I realized that the runes that offer flat statistics costed more than the per level runes. Upon noticing this I was puzzled. Why would the flat runes that offer much less throughout the champions progression be worth twice as much as the runes that offer higher stats entering mid to late game?

This is when my club members informed me of the reason, which I don’t whole entirely agree with, for why the flat runes were priced higher. Their reasoning was because you get that early game advantage over your opponent with flat up front runes which is why the cost is high. This is true you do get an advantage early game but after level 6 those flat runes essentially fall off statistics wise when you could use the per level runes. Most games last 20-30 or even 45 minutes so why not go for the late game bonuses?

Rune Page

The above image is a current rune page I am testing for Viktor and other mages that I could possibly build tank health wise with damage potential. It “should” have all flat runes but I want to see if there is a considerable difference over my opponent late game. I’ll have to test for different roles so don’t worry they will all get tested.

Either way most champions I play are primarily mid to late game champions so the flat runes do come in handy early game but again the issue is they become irrelevant at a certain point in the game. It’s also worded as “falling off” to where their usefulness is no longer valid.

Stay tuned for the update and as always my fellow followers, play hard, play safe, play to win!

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