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Forming a League of Legends Team

As the title indicates we plan on starting up a team to eventually play on the professional scene within the next season or two of League of Legends. The plan is to get a 5 man team together to compete in online events where we will slowly progress towards potential LCS events and hopefully push hard enough to make it to Worlds some day. The team consists of the following members so far:

Rygol (Myself) – Bruiser/Tank Top Lane
ItzChristinaBaby – ADC Bot Lane

We still need for the other positions to be filled and we’re looking for dedicated players who strive for the same dream we have, to be professional gamers! I have looked into XFire tournaments that are available along with some other venues to give us a start. We need a Mid, Support and Jungle so if you are interested please email me at to further inquire about the roles and available positions. Also don’t forget to join us on TeamSpeak! Until then everyone!

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