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Fun ARAM Madness Video Series

Recently we’ve been streaming our madness on ARAM, granted it definitely is fun, and a great way to try out various champions. For instance last week in the morning time at approximately 2am or so I was playing Jinx. Now do keep in mind that the few times that I’ve played Jinx I sucked super hard with her up until that morning. I wasn’t paying attention for the most part since I was preoccupied with another matter up until I saw on screen and heard from the announcer the great “Quadra Kill”. At that very moment I woke up from whatever mental state I was in previously and focused on the last enemy nearby me. I instantly jumped on the opportunity of slaying them since they were a quarter health thus locking in the amazing “Penta Kill” announcement. Funny thing is I disliked Jinx because I didn’t know how to play her but it was different that early morning since I played her almost exactly how I play Jayce. I used the exact same rune sheet, mastery page and item build set as I would while playing as Jayce top lane. I do have to say ARAM is definitely the place to try out new play styles and champions to up your game. It’s also great for playing older champions and getting back into the groove with them. I plan on streaming and uploading every, for the most part at least, ARAM game that I play when possible since I’ll be playing as different champions in order for others to see how some are built, see how much fun ARAM really is with friends, and above all else learn specific champions if I own them. For those of you interested in joining in on the ARAM madness with the team please message or Tweet me on Twitter, in-game via ign Rygol on NA server, or just jump onto the teamspeak server and hop into whatever channel I’m currently chatting in.

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