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Game Day Today? I think so!

Good morning everyone!

For all of you who missed out on the live stream last night no worries because you can catch it unedited on my channel via Anyone interested can join me in some gaming fun today via League of Legends and hopefully some other titles. LoL ended up consuming a majority of my time last night which happens when you have a full party filled with friends having a good time. Also as a friendly reminder the TeamSpeak server details are as follows: Anyone planning on gaming today please let me know so we can party up and have at it.

On another note anyone who has suggestions regarding my stream or furthering my broadcast please don’t hesitate to notify me. Any tips would be highly appreciated at this point in time. I do believe that I may stream my attempts at achieving a limit break for my character on Final Fantasy XI today since I haven’t gotten paid in order to make the move to Final Fantasy XIV as a friend suggested that I do.

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