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Hearthstone – Road to Rank 20!

Hearthstone Ranked

I have to say this accomplishment was time consuming, tedious and frustrating at times. You can and will end up fighting individuals with decks that make you wonder “how the hell did that happen” or “how did he beat me with this”. Just to get to rank 20 you have to fight rank level 20 players. It took me about 3-5 tries before I got a win. You will end up trying various different decks compositions and play styles in order to fight your way up to rank 20. I can’t imagine what it’s like getting higher *anime face of dismay*.

I can officially say that the Warlock, Druid and Priest decks are my top 3 capable decks. In regards to really pulling out all the stops? I’d say my Warlock deck is the one. It has proven many a time that with the fluid mana curve that I have regarding its cards that it can give others a run for their money. It surprised me when I was winning against players who have ranked card backings from various other seasons. I kept modifying it along the way to improve in areas where it was showing failure as well.

Hearthstone is literally like playing Magic: The Gathering in my honest opinion. Those of you who have played it will agree that you have to build a deck based off of a concept or play style. Even my best friend Boomlottz mentioned it. Find a theme and revolve your card choices for that deck around that theme or idea. For example if you want a mill deck, find cards that will benefit that style and makes changes as some cards prove to be useful or useless in certain situations. At times you may even need to lower a specific card to where you only have 1 in your deck versus 2 when that extra card could be something more useful. It reminds me of when I used to play a Slivers deck in MTG or dragon deck centered around Blue-Eyes White Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh. You build the deck to rush to those cards that are at the center of the concept.

Just remember sometimes you will have a great concept for a deck but might have to eliminate nearly half the cards in the original design just to make it viable. There are so many different ways of playing it’s almost Earth shattering. Try different builds and if a card, as my best friend has mentioned, screws you then take it out and replace it with something that may have come in handy at that time. I will keep you guys updated with any decks I test and try to include deck builds on here in the hopefully future. For everything video game related, stay tuned to BC!

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