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Interested in learning Unity3D?


I apparently have been in game programming mode this entire beginning of the week and out of curious desire I came across an exceptional YouTube channel with videos geared towards learning the Unity3D system for developing games. For those of you of absolute novice level experience with the system here is video one, click here. For video number two, click here. YouTube has a wealth of videos to assist any avid game designer or developer looking to create their first grand slam of a video game idea utilizing Unity3D among other various game engines out there today. I will post more videos as I come across them to help the community out and remember if you have any questions just let me know that way I can find the answers for you the best I can. I am currently using aforementioned videos to assist me in learning the Unity3D game engine myself for an idea I’ve had for years. Also anyone who would like to collaborate please don’t hesitate to let me know either it would be a fun little project working with another individual or team. Game development is one of the most intense fields for computer science I have come across because it utilizes various aspects of a computer systems resources and computing power. I personally believe everyone should know how to program or code software because technology is the future of our society. Until next time guys, love, peace and chicken grease!

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