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Lone Game Development Studies

It’s been an interesting weekend indeed for me between reading books on game development to searching through various lines of C/C++ and Python code to boost efficiency. I have even gone as far as downloaded the Unity development tool to tinker with. I have always had an idea for a project thanks to a custom map created back in the Starcraft days. I’m sure some of you are familiar with it, Panzer Kavaliers Raccoon City map, which was an outstanding hour and a half base defense. I have been thinking for years of creating a full fledged game based off that map variant with a ton of added bonuses for fans of the original. I am always looking for ideas for features to eventually implement over time. Nazi zombies has also been an inspiration for a game variant due to the simple fact that it’s addicting as hell to play especially with friends. Another leading factor in this project is whether to make it 2D or just push for 3D instead. Decisions decisions I say. I will definitely keep you all updated as I progress with this little mini project. Also any suggestions and/or help is greatly appreciated.

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