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“My Budget Sheet” Workshop

Hello and welcome to another glorious issue of the BC where we will be discussing budgeting and budget sheets along with their structure for all interested parties usage. In the above picture I will explain what each and every color represents overall concerning your budget sheet and reaching your goals.

Red = Negative Balance
Green = Positive Balance
Blue = Income
Grey = Static Information (ex: Bills)
Yellow = Paid Item

The overall book consists of your budget plan while the individual sheets house your various sections regarding aforementioned budget. The primary, number one, sheet will have all of your bills and the weeks in which they may be due depending on your pay periods for your paycheck. On the secondary, number two, sheet will contain all of your “other” bills listing concerning credit cards, Netflix, etc. The third and final sheet is utilized for your savings goals such as saving $1000 towards emergency funds as the primary goal and having $5000 as the secondary goal for housing backup funds.

For everyone’s personal usage I will be providing the template for my budget sheet in order to help everyone in their endeavors to become financially stable. You can find the excel workbook to download below:

Budget Sheet Template

Keep in mind that this template is very basic but of course just like anything else you can make modifications and/or additions to the template as needed for your purposes. Another great tool is https://www.mint.com/ for those of you who have never heard of it. Mint is a site, by the same company that created Turbo Tax, which assists the user in figuring out their financial goals in life with a visual representation of where all of ones income is dispersed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the template or the above details please don’t hesitate to message or comment below. Thank you everyone for reading and I hope you enjoyed my two cents this evening. Remember to work hard but play harder!

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