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Organizing a Paintball Team

Team Mercenaries on the breakout!

Team Mercenaries on the breakout!

Welcome back for another exceptional article concerning getting a paintball team together! In this issue of “Starting a Paintball Team”, I will be discussing how to conduct practices, training regiments and coordinating said practice dates. In the next article I will be discussing selecting appropriate gear for the team and its members, fundraising ideas and popular events for beginning teams to attend.

After assembling the team and deciding upon a location for workout and practice sessions, it is time to determine the workout routine and guidelines for individual training and team training. First and foremost, I will begin with the most important part of the training which factors into every portion of this sport, your roadwork, aka jogging/running. If you cannot build endurance to be constantly running and sprinting between bunkers, then you can definitely not play any front positions or a mid at times. You must constantly work on building your endurance for paintball matches, especially within tournaments where it can become intense in games! Aside from mentioning the obvious, the team needs to make it a habit to stretch before games and after the end of a long day of playing or event. No one likes cramps during an event winning match, so let’s keep those muscles loose guys. Conduct regular workout as individual training, which include pushups, sit ups, jogging, sprinting, wind sprints, and weight lifting, or swimming.

Regarding actual skill training for the teams players, we should above all else, focus upon accuracy. Accuracy will be absolutely necessary, no matter what level of competition one attends. Set up a target, such as an orange cone or something low profile, behind a bunker or specific location and just practice aiming down your barrel at it. Eventually you will want to learn how to shoot with your off hand in order to play both sides of the bunker, all while maximizing your potential angles on the opposition. You also need to hang out as a team whether it’s playing video games, social events, anything and everything. Your team has to become your family practically if you ever plan on making it far in this sport. Luckily me and my team all went to school together and played a ton of videos games outside of both school and paintball. Other areas to work on are coordination regarding player breaks at the start of games and positions.

Concerning aforementioned positions, a player should learn how to play all positions. Doing so will give them insight regarding each positions line of sight, advantages and disadvantages for whenever they have to fill those positions or play against others in said positions. Devise training regimes that involve 1 versus 2 or 1 versus 3 because it will force the one player to handle stress and focus playing tight along with accuracy. The other players that oppose the one player will learn teamwork and coordination in order to eliminate said player from the field. On a final note regarding team practices, try to make them every other weekend such as on a Saturday or Sunday when the majority of your team doesn’t have planned family or social events etc. Remember in the next issue I will be discussing selecting appropriate gear for the team and its members, fundraising ideas and popular events for beginning teams to attend. Until next time play hard, play safe and play to win!

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