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Union Newbs Community

Founded: January 2013
Position: Chief Operations Officer
Details/Info: We are a team of individuals geared towards providing the highest quality in gaming news, paintball articles, how-to’s, live streams, contests, music, funny’s, writing and more to you, the community. We will be releasing various updates and announcements of

among various other items in order to grow the community and get them more involved as a whole.

Team Involved: Bambino, CamoPrincess, Taterdog (among various moderators for game servers)
Milestones: Team Speak Server (Server Traffic Data and Info)

Present Day

Union Newbs has since then geared down from the initial projects started back in 2013 and has been focusing more on community aspects and making a name of itself. The goal is to slowly grow a community base and expand game servers and endeavors from there.