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Product Review – Razer Blackshark


I picked these bad boys up a while back and right out of the package they look like a well designed quality product! The audio is crystal clear and the mic is fully adjustable. With a price tag of merely $129.99 you just can’t beat the awesome level of comfort this headset has to offer its owner. They were actually more comfortable than my Razer Carcharias in my opinion, but then again I do have the tendency of being picky when it comes to my tech toys. The boom stick mic can be easily removed from the headset for those times you would like to take the Blackshark wherever you go and to provide less confusion for the general population while you enjoy your tunes via ipod, cd player, phone, tablet or laptop. The headset is also constructed with memory foam for the ears in order to mold to your head in order to provide top of the line comfort for those long gaming sessions throughout the day. The only downfall of this headset, which isn’t really a downfall just one missing addition, would have to be the lack of a volume adjuster or switch. This simply fact doesn’t take away from the headsets innovation or design whatsoever though and should definitely be considered if you are looking into a new gaming headset that conforms to your preferences. For any further questions regarding this product don’t be afraid to send me a message, until next time everyone! Peace out!

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