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Project Panzer – End of July Status Update

Hello everyone to a highly anticipated project that I’m working on in the minimal spare time I have! If you follow me on Instagram then you have been seeing some images of my current work in progress for the map level design. I will include them in this article along with some additional ones to intrigue you all.

At this time I am working around the main base location to get it ready for game mechanics testing. Once I have that in order and tested I will implement more features to the level from the original StarCraft Panzer_Kavalier Raccoon City map along with some new game intensifying features. I will end up testing 3 wave spawning locations at first to get an idea of how to further enhance the base and game-play mechanics.

Project Panzer MTLD1
Project Panzer MTLD2

As seen above you can see how far I’ve gotten for simplicity sake. Since the level is super small and with little objects to render it will allow more than enough flexibility to make additions as I test the game-play mechanics later this month. Let’s hope everything works on the first run of testing!

If anyone has any suggestions regarding feature implementation, at some point in the future, please don’t hesitate to mention them. I’m open to ideas and possible enhancements to the game. I will release the results of the game mechanics test in the August update for the project. For everything Project Panzer related continue to check back here on BC! Until then guys!

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