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Caliga – A Novel by Rigoberto J Gort

[05/07/2014 @ 1:00AM]

Character Sheets will be updated as the week progress into the weekend once I have more time available due to work. Please be patient as I make time to upload the necessary files and content.

The Caliga Universe is more than just detailed descriptions of an imaginary world or idea being written. It is a living, breathing and constantly evolving organism which is growing day by day. The novel was started back in 2008 during my final semester as a senior in high school due to me giving up on practically everything within my life. This novel brought back my desire to achieve something, something grand and in-depth.

The novel is based on past experiences throughout my late teenage years when many events transpired for the worse. The storyline is a continuation of when me and my friends were in our youth constructing empires and armies with Lego pieces throughout our homes. This is my attempt at furthering that legacy and world we once knew. I will be adding content as time progresses in regards to character sheets, chapters, items, etc to further the readers knowledge and understanding of the Caliga Universe.

For those of you interested in reading my novel in parts as I progress through its fine story you may read them via these pages I have prepared for you, the reader. Which are as follows below otherwise you can go through the sub menu above under Projects then under Caliga Universe to reach each part of the novel.