Prologue - Bambino's Corner

“This is recon unit 12 come in Battlecruiser Nagi, I repeat this is recon unit 12 come in Battlecruiser Nagi!” announces the pilot.

The radio only returns static to the desperate pilots call for his battlecruiser. The pilot had important information about an unknown intruder onboard of the recon vessel. The pilot had locked himself inside the cockpit due to all the controls and communications systems being located there. All he could think about was how he was going to warn his people about this unknown “threat” that his crew had met their untimely demise to. Then it came to him, he would deploy a pod that would repeat his intended message to anyone near it, not to serve as an S.O.S. but to serve as a warning. Then as the idea came to him he heard a loud thud to the cockpit door getting louder and louder. He immediately hopped onto the controls to send out the pod carrying his message. The door slowly wrenched open and the roars from the intruder shook the very foundations of his soul forcing him to work faster. Only a few more seconds he thought to himself, he set the pods launch destination to be within the orbit of the Taisorian orbital space station which would definitely investigate this strange message.

“I pray to the heavens that this message reaches them because if not I fear what may fall upon my people.” said the pilot with a tone of anxiety.

Then the cockpit door banged with a clank as it hit the floor. The pilot turned around abruptly to meet the intruder’s eyes within the dark cockpit chamber. They glistened with an amber yellowish-green glow that made his knees lose any strength they had. This, creature, jolted towards him and soon had its large hands around his throat. Just as the creature lifted him he remembered his mission to send out the pod and smoothly reached for the switch to launch it towards the space station. He began losing consciousness as he was lifted off his feet. Then with the last bit of strength within him he had reached and pressed the button to launch the pod.

“Whatever you may be my people shall not be intimidated by your presence.” exhaled the pilot.

Then he heard a deep crackling voice inside his head.

“We shall erase the very existence of your species from this universe.” said the voice with a laugh following soon afterwards.

Its grip soon tightened to the point where the pilot could not breath, then with one swift motion there of a snapping crack of the pilots neck. Once the creature verified that he was truly dead he flung him to the side like a rag doll. It approached the cockpit’s console and began operating the controls. It set the ships destination towards the Taisorian home world with a grim smile on its so called face.