Acknowledgement - Bambino's Corner

I’d like to thank my mother for always being there when I needed help with my English homework those long nights during high school. Without her love towards me and passion for English literature I would never have gotten this far with my writings which would have caused this novel to never enter existence. I love you Mom and thank you for so many years of dedication towards raising me.

This novel was brought on by inspiration of my circumstances during my senior year of high school in Florida. During that time I had lost my passion and desire to move forward with my life. Thankfully my memories of better times when I was a child brought on this thought of transferring mine and my friend’s childhood fantasy realm and creativity onto paper so others could enjoy. This “fantasy” realm involved each of us creating our own empire which we grew or evolved over time. This realm was a release from daily routines, reality and problems in which we could become lost within a magical world with a detailed enriching storyline.

The name “Caliga”, meaning darkness in Latin, came about due to all of our lives changing rapidly into undesirable paths. We had to grow up fast in order to deal with the problems that we attempted to forget. It’s amazing how things change within an instant without you even realizing such change. The purpose for writing this novel was to share the beautiful world we had created in order for others to escape with us in order to truly understand what it means to “release” yourself from real world restraints. This novel shall be a continuation of our legacy as I walk all of you willing to join me on this grand journey into a marvelous world filled with adventure, friendships, conflicts and most importantly, romance in its truest form. Welcome and I hope all who read this will enjoy it about as significantly as we did.