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Ready Player One

“Ready Player One” Review

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This book truly played to the tune of my life! It has even inspired me to read and write more compared to the insignificant amount that I was.

I first began reading this marvelous book on a trip to Florida for my cousin’s birthday. I knew it would be an interesting read but wasn’t sure how. From the very first sentence of the first page I was hooked! It normally takes me a few chapters, if not half the book, just to get into what I’m reading but this one had me at square one instantly. That for me was a surprise!

I read it on all my flights to Florida and I had quite literally read almost half the book within those trips. Ernest Cline has definitely become one of my favorite writers and this was only his first book ever written. I simply can’t wait to read his 2nd book “Armada” which shows even more promise!

For all you nerds, geeks and 80’s lovers your life isn’t complete until you have read “Ready Player One”. I don’t care if it is the only book you read all this year but it is a must have in any individuals collection. I experienced so many emotions while reading this work of art and can’t recommend it enough.

I will continue to write reviews on books and more as time progresses so stay tuned for more content!

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