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How to fix the Select-Core plugin title error!

Select-Core Plugin

Hello fellow readers and good day to all who use the select-core plugin!

The topic for today, as you can guess, relates to a potential issue with the select-core plugin. I began using the plugin for a project and it continuously gave me an error regarding the select core title. After some frustration I decided to connect via FTP to find the line of code in question. The file will be located under your websites WordPress installation folder, the one you chose upon installation.

File Location


Users who locate the file will need to download and open it in their favorite text editor such as Sublime Text 3. Afterwards you will see what line 13 entails regarding the !empty parameter. The issue is that the $enable_separator should be in ( ) to then compare it to what a potential answer is. Essentially line 13 should read as follows,

<?php if(!empty($enable_separator) == 'yes') { ?>

Finally once that is done make sure to save the file, upload it to the location that it belongs on your website and then reload the pages with select core title issues. If there are any questions or suggestions please let me know. The plugin can be found via the Bazaar theme on


I’ll continue to post potential fixes for code or plugins as I can so stayed tuned to Visitors can find a lot of useful content along with downloads. For all interested in the Raccoon City maps please check them out here.

In the mean time love, peace and chicken grease!

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