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Starting a Paintball Team

Getting a team together isn’t easy, believe me, I know from experience, and it doesn’t get any easier trying to keep it together either. First things first, though considering you may be acting team captain and owner, you need to determine whether the team will be attending 3-Man events or 5-Man events, and which events.


Step One: Making the BIG Dive into the sport!

Ask your friends if they are interested in playing with you or already play, and see about getting together one weekend at the local field to feel things out and determine if the team has chemistry together. In the beginning, especially for first time players, not everyone will have full gear and may end up using a rental, which at times isn’t a bad way to go, in comparison to buying a Wal-Mart paintball marker. Remember, if you are under the age of 17 you will need parental consent and/or signatures to play at a local paintball field or establishment as a “Release of Liability” in the event that anything happens to you during your time at aforementioned location the field, establishment, location and all of its staff shall not be held responsible for any harm that is therefore inflicted upon you during your stay on their premises. Remember to get a feel for the game and how it is played and have a good time because you can’t take it serious all the time. Once you have determined your desire to form a team in order to begin attending events whether locally, regionally and/or nationally, it will be time to determine a training routine for practices and at what intervals these practices will require participation from its members.


In tomorrow’s issue of Starting a Paintball Team, we will cover how to go about conducting practices, coordinating them, selecting appropriate gear for said team and its members, fundraising ideas, popular events for beginning teams to attend, rules and regulations during events, the different types of paintball field setups, and more!

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