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Adventures in Albion Episode 3 – T2D v Rise Above Shenanigans

In this video release you will witness the shenanigans of the Rise Above guild in Breakers Bay, a yellow zone, where they attempt to pull lethal mobs onto us. Some of use do survive the shenanigan while coordinating with alliance […]


Adventures in Albion Episode 2 – Steelfort PvP Chase!

Check out the latest Adventures in Albion video of T2D chasing a group in the Steelfort red zone. Please remember to like, share and subscribe! Also let me know of ways to improve and grow as I am eager to […]


The Adventures of Bookmark Cleaning

The Adventures of Bookmark Cleaning by Bambino Bookmarks, what a dreadful word for some of us. We’ve all been through it countless times whether at the office or at home on our personal machines. We come across various articles, files, […]