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“My Budget Sheet” Workshop

Hello and welcome to another glorious issue of the BC where we will be discussing budgeting and budget sheets along with their structure for all interested parties usage. In the above picture I will explain what each and every color […]


Simply Homemade

Today I will be sharing a site that a very old friend of mine operates concerning homemade merchandise. She could really use the help so if you can just take a look at her site and if you come across […]


Formula for Entrepreneurial Success

1. Work with Amazing People Don’t compromise on who you choose to found your company with and hire. Do not put up with ego-centric personalities or downer attitudes. 2. Take on Big Challenges It’s pretty simple: Hard things are valuable; […]


Successful Entrepreneur

I remember reading an article some time ago mentioning how to become a successful entrepreneur. It hit on 5 key notes regarding ones success. They were as follows: Take risks Make your own luck Be persistent Never stop learning Give […]