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Top 3 Favorite Overwatch Characters (Thus Far)

Hello everyone and welcome back once again for another marvelous article! Today I will be discussing my top 3 favorite characters right now in Overwatch. They are best in certain situations but are my favorite top picks for those situations. […]


League of Legends Team Setup [Update]

The League of Legends team is still setup as follows: IGN: Rygol Primary: Top Lane Secondary: ADC Tertiary: Jungle IGN: ItzChristinaBaby Primary: Support Secondary: ADC We are still currently and actively recruiting players for this team and would like to […]


Forming a League of Legends Team

As the title indicates we plan on starting up a team to eventually play on the professional scene within the next season or two of League of Legends. The plan is to get a 5 man team together to compete […]


YouTube Channel Roaring Forward!

I know it has been quite some time since my last post and I’d like to formally apologize to my followers. I am now getting back into full swing with things including my streaming and videos. Finally getting the YouTube […]