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Project Panzer – End of July Status Update

Hello everyone to a highly anticipated project that I’m working on in the minimal spare time I have! If you follow me on Instagram then you have been seeing some images of my current work in progress for the map […]


BC June 2016 Update

Welcome everyone to another marvelous post here on BC! Today we will be discussing the current end of month plans that I am working on at the time. They are as follows: Completing Database Course on Treehouse Learning Updating the […]


[Suggestion] Custom In-Game Item Build Pages

Everyone has wondered about it and been curious as to what possessed Riot Games to implement such a feature for the community. Well my friends breathe a sigh of relief because the suggestion came from a fellow League of Legends […]


“Live” Broadcast for East Coast Empire!

We are still broadcasting live with the members of East Coast Empire playing a custom 5v5 among themselves for fun and practice. The teamspeak server information once again is Please support us in our endeavors to play harder and play […]