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BC Update – End of April Update

Did you think we forgot about you guys? Hell no! We are here to make sure you enjoy those amazing moments we had in the open world and GvG matches. Please leave a comment below and remember to like, share […]


Fun ARAM Madness Video Series

Recently we’ve been streaming our madness on ARAM, granted it definitely is fun, and a great way to try out various champions. For instance last week in the morning time at approximately 2am or so I was playing Jinx. Now […]


YouTube Channel Roaring Forward!

I know it has been quite some time since my last post and I’d like to formally apologize to my followers. I am now getting back into full swing with things including my streaming and videos. Finally getting the YouTube […]


Starcraft II: Zombie City: Reaching Wave 50+! Video Series

Welcome back everyone to another wonderful video series involving Starcraft II’s arcade map “Zombie City”! In this video series we have already unlocked the Stalker unit in the wave 20+ video series which allowed us to reach the unmentioned wave […]