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The Discord Server is finally up and running!

Discord server is now, finally, up and running! For all of you who follow me via any medium and you play games be sure to join and check out the discord server. If you guys recall I used to have […]


Newly Launched T2D Guild/Clan Website!

T2D aka Time 2 Die just got their new website online! For all their Albion Online and Guild news please be sure to check them out by clicking here. They are also looking for new and seasoned Albion Online players for […]


The Review – Beep Boop Bot

Please check out and support this indie developer! They really need the support and please remember to like, share and subscribe to my channel!


TeamSpeak Server Available 24/7 Public

In order to continue growing the UN and BC community we are constantly marketing our 24/7 TeamSpeak server! It is a publicly available server where anyone is permitted to create a temporary server and can even request to become a […]