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[ATLAS] T2D v [SLUM] Brasil Forces – Sneaky Ninja Edition!

This is an edited video from a previous GvG against Brazil Forces where they thought they were going to be slick and wait a few minutes to log back in and capture all of the points. Well we showed them! […]


BC Update – End of April Update

Did you think we forgot about you guys? Hell no! We are here to make sure you enjoy those amazing moments we had in the open world and GvG matches. Please leave a comment below and remember to like, share […]


Newly Launched T2D Guild/Clan Website!

T2D aka Time 2 Die just got their new website online! For all their Albion Online and Guild news please be sure to check them out by clicking here. They are also looking for new and seasoned Albion Online players for […]


Adventures in Albion Episode 3 – T2D v Rise Above Shenanigans

In this video release you will witness the shenanigans of the Rise Above guild in Breakers Bay, a yellow zone, where they attempt to pull lethal mobs onto us. Some of use do survive the shenanigan while coordinating with alliance […]