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Project Panzer – End of July Status Update

Hello everyone to a highly anticipated project that I’m working on in the minimal spare time I have! If you follow me on Instagram then you have been seeing some images of my current work in progress for the map […]


Ambition – Why it matters to have it in your life!

I was once told by my best friend that he wishes he had the one main character trait that I exert on a daily basis. You can probably guess based off the title of this article what that trait was. […]


BC June 2016 Update

Welcome everyone to another marvelous post here on BC! Today we will be discussing the current end of month plans that I am working on at the time. They are as follows: Completing Database Course on Treehouse Learning Updating the […]


Starcraft II: Zombie City: Reaching Wave 50+! Video Series

Welcome back everyone to another wonderful video series involving Starcraft II’s arcade map “Zombie City”! In this video series we have already unlocked the Stalker unit in the wave 20+ video series which allowed us to reach the unmentioned wave […]