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My Personal TeamSpeak Server Experience

Welcome back again everyone for a marvelous article from BC! Today I’ll be discussing my adventure in hosting and maintaining my very own TeamSpeak server at home. The main concern for starting you own home server, for those interested, is […]


Happy New Years!

First of all, Happy New Years! Second of all let’s get right into what our plans are for 2016! So I understand that I have, as usual, slacked in my content updates. This is a new year so it’s a […]


My Formal Apology – TeamSpeak Server Update

My Formal Apology – TeamSpeak I want to first start off by apologizing to anyone using our server. We have been having some “issues” with the hosting service. We have officially changed from Fragnet to Game Servers as our hosting […]


TeamSpeak Server Available 24/7 Public

In order to continue growing the UN and BC community we are constantly marketing our 24/7 TeamSpeak server! It is a publicly available server where anyone is permitted to create a temporary server and can even request to become a […]