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Thresh – The Chain Warden “Revisited”

Yes you heard right ladies and gentlemen, I’m back with a new review concerning Thresh The Chain Warden. As you all have witnessed he is a phenomenal support for any ADC that duo’s with this champion in the bot lane. […]


“My Budget Sheet” Workshop

Hello and welcome to another glorious issue of the BC where we will be discussing budgeting and budget sheets along with their structure for all interested parties usage. In the above picture I will explain what each and every color […]


[Suggestion] Custom In-Game Item Build Pages

Everyone has wondered about it and been curious as to what possessed Riot Games to implement such a feature for the community. Well my friends breathe a sigh of relief because the suggestion came from a fellow League of Legends […]


Simply Homemade

Today I will be sharing a site that a very old friend of mine operates concerning homemade merchandise. She could really use the help so if you can just take a look at her site and if you come across […]