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Adventures in Albion Episode 3 – T2D v Rise Above Shenanigans

In this video release you will witness the shenanigans of the Rise Above guild in Breakers Bay, a yellow zone, where they attempt to pull lethal mobs onto us. Some of use do survive the shenanigan while coordinating with alliance […]


League of Legends Video Collage!

Check out my new League of Legends video collage of some of our fun moments playing together! Remember to like, share and subscribe. If you have any suggestions that would help please drop it in the comments below.


Adventures in Albion Episode 2 – Steelfort PvP Chase!

Check out the latest Adventures in Albion video of T2D chasing a group in the Steelfort red zone. Please remember to like, share and subscribe! Also let me know of ways to improve and grow as I am eager to […]


YouTube Channel Roaring Forward!

I know it has been quite some time since my last post and I’d like to formally apologize to my followers. I am now getting back into full swing with things including my streaming and videos. Finally getting the YouTube […]