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The Adventures of Bookmark Cleaning

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The Adventures of Bookmark Cleaning

by Bambino

Bookmarks, what a dreadful word for some of us. We’ve all been through it countless times whether at the office or at home on our personal machines. We come across various articles, files, videos or other miscellaneous content that interests us that we end up bookmarking. We bookmark them in the hopes that maybe we may return to them within the next few days or weeks. What ends up really happening is a stockpile of bookmarks that we store over the course of months and years that go unnoticed until you decide to do some “cleaning”. There are, of course, various issues or risks involved with keeping a plethora of bookmarks saved. They are as follows:

Issues & Risks

    • Having bookmarks stored across multiple devices or platforms and having to use each specific device to be able to access that bookmark aside from remembering the link for access on your primary device or platform.
    • The device or platform, such as a computer’s hard drive, crashing in turn causing a loss of all data including the bookmarks. When you’ve stored months if not years of saved websites or resources this can be painstaking.
    • Using different web browsers which, in most cases, don’t transfer your bookmark data over to the browser you are currently using.
  • Losing your sanity trying to find that one bookmark that you know you have stored somewhere.

Now most of you may agree with me that these issues have occurred at some point within our lives. I know I was always in fear of my mom’s Gateway computer with Windows 95 crashing when I was a child, especially since I had crashed it twice myself. Since I’ve started using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome there are plugin developers who have graced us with their awesomeness. The primary browser plugin I have used since I learned of it is Xmarks which is part of the LastPass company, which is a password manager with encryption capabilities. I will delve further into my usage of LastPass for those who have contemplated its usage as I was also unsure about utilizing such a software until recently.

Xmarks has proven to be the bookmark management tool I have needed the entirety of my life. Install is as simple as any other browser based plugin and once you have it installed you just have to make sure you have an Xmarks account register and that you are logged in within the plugin. Once logged in or during the initial setup process it will ask to sync the bookmarks from the server to the machine itself. After everything is said and done you can bookmark pages, setup folders for organization especially if you are just as OCD as I am, modify pages and folders stored on the server and sync the updated structure across all your platforms and the nifty tools available for removing duplicate folders and links.

I’m sure you’re asking what’s the downside to the plugin? Well aside from one minor issue I was experiencing last week or so I would have to say it’s the best I’ve seen to date and I can’t recommend it enough. In regards to the issue I was having, for whatever reason I kept getting multiple duplicate folders of original folders that were empty. If you are currently using Xmarks and have not or are currently experiencing this issue there is indeed a work around. I found out that I had to disable my bookmarks being sync via Google Chrome as it created the duplicate folders. Now you have to do this for every device, except mobile, that you use Chrome on. You then have to utilize the duplicate folders and links tool within the My Xmarks page which can be accessed via clicking on the Xmarks icon in the top to the right of the address/url bar. Once you do everything you should be right as rain. Has anyone found a different solution to this? Please feel free to let everyone know in the comments below that way I can add it into the post as an edit.

Now for the finale! LastPass is a great password manager solution especially for me since I hate remembering passwords. Then again who doesn’t hate having to write down or remember passwords for everything that requires a login? It’s a free software and is definitely worth a look at for those of you looking for something that will secure your login credentials. Also if any of you have other good suggestions regarding a password manager you’ve use or are currently using, please let us all know in the comments. Well for everything that is technology or gaming please stay tuned for my next post. I am slowly but surely getting around to writing more quality content for you guys. In the meantime please bear with me and remember to subscribe via email in the box in the sidebar for any new updates.

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