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Thoughts on Albion Online Beta II Phase

Hello and welcome back everyone to another just outstanding article here at BC! As the title indicates I will be discussing the game “Albion Online’s” upcoming Beta II Phase set to occur on August 1st, 2016. Now per their website only those with Legendary Founders Packs will be allowed to access the game on August 1st while those with Epic Founders Packs will be allowed on the 2nd and Veteran Founders Packs on the 3rd. The Beta II will involve a complete redesign and revamp of the current game world as we know it. The Beta II will also include various changes to the destiny board, gear sets and crafting in regards to enchanted and artifact gear.

I believe the new enchantment and artifact gear system will be a step in the right direction for the development team as well as the community. Why you might ask? Because it allows players an even playing field so to speak. Instead of players, with no lives that is and a lot more time than us common folk, grinding for the fame to just simply unlock the gear to use they have to farm the materials in order to enchant the item. This will bring more of a balance to the community as you can’t just simply unlock it. It does however open up an opportunity to players with lower tier gear to still have an advantage on players with higher non-enchanted gear and possible for a lower cost silver wise for the gear. The downside of this is of course those individuals with no lives that merely farm the crap out of the mobs that drop the necessary items that offer the enchantment capability for gear. This will be very true for zergs that choose to dominate and control a region for resources and drops. The same goes for artifact gear, it will be a nice change but also presents the same downside as the enchanted materials necessary which can be zerg farmed.

The guild versus guild aspect does seem a bit appealing as yes it will entice more combat around specific regional siege camps. This also limits the smaller guilds when confronted by larger zerg guilds. The time zones may prove to be useful for time zone specific guilds that may have difficulty finding a good “sweet spot” for gvg times. Even if there are time zone differences international guilds will still push for global dominance, which I ask them to do their absolute best at doing. Having a whopping 55 territories is going to make gvg conflict more than abundant compared to the various 100+ territories that are currently available.

As of now it’s official, Final Beta is on the test server for Legendary Founders Pack holders only. Let’s jump in there and see what’s new and exciting. I will release another update in regards to what it’s like and the pros of cons of the coming update. Let’s pray they are all good though. Catch me next week for the official dissection of the Final Beta test server run. Until next time everyone!

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