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Thresh – The Chain Warden “Revisited”

Yes you heard right ladies and gentlemen, I’m back with a new review concerning Thresh The Chain Warden. As you all have witnessed he is a phenomenal support for any ADC that duo’s with this champion in the bot lane. In this issue of the BC I shall be reiterating topics from the previous review article for the aforementioned champion along with tips and tricks for them as well. If you missed the previous article, here is the “Thresh – The Chain Warden” link for your reference.

Let’s begin the full review of Thresh concerning his Masteries page and how it should be structured, based off my play style of course. Your Thresh mastery page should consist of 0 points in offense, 9 points in defense and 21 points in utility. The Masteries should be as follows for each section:


  • Durability (4 Points)
  • Hardiness (3 Points)
  • Resistance (1 Point)
  • Veteran’s Scars (1 Point)


  • Summoner’s Insight (1 Point)
  • Wanderer (3 Points)
  • Scout (1 Point)
  • Expanded Mind (3 Points)
  • Greed (4 Points)
  • Biscuiteer (1 Point)
  • Wealth (2 Points)
  • Awareness (1 Point)
  • Explorer (1 Point)
  • Intelligence (3 Points)
  • Nimble (1 Point)

These masteries will maximize Threshes capabilities as a support while ensuring that he receives the most while in lane regarding experience and gold. I structured these masteries around the way I play as well, especially since I’m accustomed to dominating top lane as Jayce Defender of Tomorrow. These masteries are only a small portion in allowing Thresh to become a very capable support within the bot lane. The next section that I will be reviewing will deal with the Rune Sheet as well as the Item Set for The Chain Warden.

For the Rune Sheet keep in mind that you should always build these sheets to “boost” your champions or “enhance” their capabilities. That being said I have my rune sheet structured as follows:


  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage (9 Tier 3 Runes)


  • Greater Seal of Armor (9 Tier 3 Runes)


  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (9 Tier 3 Runes)


  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (3 Tier 3 Runes)

As for the final stage of setting up Thresh for full domination in terms of supporting his ADC we shall delve into the Item Set that I so diligently follow concerning his build and why.

Starting Items:

  • Biscuit (Per Mastery)
  • Explorer Ward (Per Mastery)
  • Sight Wards (x2)
  • Vision Wards (x2)
  • Health Potions (x2~x3)

Full Game Items:

  • Ruby Sightstone
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Randuin’s Omen
  • Spirit Visage
  • Shurelya’s Reverie
  • Boots of Mobility

Now as you can tell this champs starting items are nothing more than a plethora of items geared towards having total map awareness among the bot lane. These items guarantee that the lane doesn’t get ganked at any time during the duo’s attempts at pushing the lane towards the enemy teams tower. The next item that should be built immediately after returning your first time should be the Ruby Sightstone considering it provides vision wards for free to the champion along with added health. Shurelyia’s Reverie, Spirit Visage and Randuin’s Omen also provide added health to the player champion which increases their chances of surviving ganks and team fights. The Shurelyia’s Reverie along with Locket of the Iron Solari do enhance Magic Resistance by some points in order to counteract Ability Power heavy teams but isn’t sufficient enough to keep Thresh afloat indefinitely. Randuin’s Omen will ensure that the player has the right mix of Armor points as well for all those light to medium Attack Damage champs. If the enemy team goes heavy AD or AP you can modify the build accordingly such as going for an Abyssal Scepter in place of one of the aforementioned items if necessary. Thresh is quite the capable champion and one of my best supports which I definitely recommend to any avid supporting player for the bot lane.

This concludes another issue of BC brought to you by Bambino himself which recaps “Thresh – The Chain Warden”. Please follow us or comment if you enjoyed this article or others that you may come across. Until next time guys!

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