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Thresh – The Chain Warden


Champion #113 has proven himself to be truly a worthy adversary during lane phase and team fights within Summoners Rift in just the first week of release. I have been playing him as often as possible when my team among ranked games allows me to run support bottom lane. I have recently come to the conclusion that he is meant to be played as an ability power harass champion, meaning that I have played him support as an offensive harassing champion in order to force the jungler to focus their attention on our lane.


Masteries pages wise I have played with purely defensive and utility mastery sheets and pure ability power damage with minor defensive mastery sheets. The masteries used are completely dependent upon your own play style meaning if you are like me and your main role is top where aggression is a valued character trait a majority of times, especially to initiate team fights, then you will more than likely have the enemy on their heels the entire lane phase. Again your masteries and rune sheets are entirely dependent upon your individual play styles but of course you must keep in mind that you are merely a support champion with immense capabilities to combat alongside your team and to recall them from battle or protect them from entire teams singlehandedly.


Rune sheets are still a mystery as to what to place on them that would benefit my offensive play style with Thresh. I have just been using my mid ap sheet which consists of the runes as listed:

  • Marks – Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
  • Seals – Greater Seal of Armor (For Now)
  • Glyphs – Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • Quintessence – Greater Quintessence of Ability Power


Concerning Thresh and what items to build I would highly suggest just utilizing the recommended items from the start and as one becomes proficient in his abilities and adapt Thresh for their style of play. If you want to go tanky ap I would suggest building Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and possibly a Rod of Ages along with an Abyssal Scepter. Remember everyone that the community is mentally preoccupied with learning Thresh and how to go about with builds specifically designed to take full advantage of his abilities.


This has been another issue of BC brought to you by Bambino himself. Please follow us or comment if you enjoyed this article or others that you may come across. Until next time guys! Love, Peace & Chicken Grease!

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